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We encourage you all to come and speak to us in Careers about anything that you’d like to discuss in relation to your future. Although we inevitably have a lot of discussions with older students and their parents we encourage any student at Walsall Academy from Year 7 onwards to come and talk to us. Our key aim at Walsall Academy is to ensure that our students make well-informed decisions about the future and have the skills to succeed in whatever pathway they’ve chosen.

Meet The Team



Andrew Glover (Careers Lead) – Director of Careers and Employability – Teacher of Business, Economics and AAT – in school all week





Tara Dingle – Careers and Employability Officer – in school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday –





Claire Ballinger – Careers and Employability Officer – in school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday –





Sian Thomas – Aspire to HE Engagement Officer – in school Wednesday and Thursday –





Giselle Douglas – Independent Careers Advisor – in school Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning –





Kelly Greene – HE Coordinator – in school all week, in Careers Wednesday PM and Thursday AM –

Career Opportunities

In KS3 it is really important students start to explore the kinds of Careers that they may like to work towards in the future. Developing an awareness and understanding of what options are available is really important. It is also important for students to think about the future of certain jobs and the nature of work in the future when they move into the workplace.

Students are encouraged to research careers using the following websites. Click the logos below to access the information on these websites:

Prospects Logo
National Careers Service Logo

What is also important for KS3 students is engaging in extra-curricular activity, which can provide opportunities for young people to explore possible interests in careers, but also develop skills for work so they can be successful in whatever path they choose. We have an extensive session 3 register which we would encourage you to look at and engage with if not already. Please visit the part of the site below:


Careers Opportunities available to students in KS3 include:

Careers Exploration workshops:

Careers workshop using software Fast Tomato to help students explore their interests and the possible opportunities. They are then encouraged to consider how these are relevant to their options (February/March)

Subject visits and events:

We encourage any student to reflect on trips and visits thinking about what they saw and experienced and how this may have improved employability skills as well as knowledge and understanding about possible careers choices (all year round)

Careers Week Assemblies:

Assemblies this year will discuss relevant issues around careers including raising aspirations (w/c 25 February)

Writing skills for work with Future First:

These workshops will be designed to help students understand and practice the types of written communication that are common in the working environment and will help them in their future (timing to be confirmed)

At the end of Y8 students make some choices about what they are going to study for the Level 2 qualifications – BTEC/GCSEs. Some important considerations that young people need to make are:

  • What subjects do you enjoy?
  • What kinds of qualifications will you get once you complete the course?
  • What are your career aspirations and what subjects may link to this?

If you need help with the last question in particular, please contact us in Careers.

Career Opportunities

When students are in KS4, it is then that they particularly start to think about what their next steps might be after completing their GCSEs. Below is an image of the pathways through KS4 to post-18:

Whilst in Year 9 students are still encouraged to take the time to explore options and possibilities similar to how they would have done in KS3. However, there will be trips, talks and other support provided that will start to talk more specifically about what kind of careers might interest them.
We would strongly encourage students in KS4 to take part in session 3 or other extra-curricular activities in order to build up a CV and the experience that will help young people in whatever they apply for after their GCSEs. To find out more about what is available at Walsall Academy click below:


Careers Opportunities available to students in KS4 include:

Subject visits and events:

We encourage any student to reflect on trips and visits thinking about what they saw and experienced and how this may have improved employability skills as well as knowledge and understanding about possible careers choices (all year round)

Y10 Careers Discovery:

Parents are invited to come into school with their son/daughter to have a group careers session using some specialist careers software. This is also a chance to talk through the next steps for careers support and the options available post-16 (May)

Y11 Revision, Careers and Challenge:

Students and parents given talks from staff about techniques for revising including support provided, careers options and opportunities. This includes what students should be doing at this stage, and extra-curricular opportunities available particularly after they have finished their exams in January

Y11 Sixth Form Open Evenings:

Students are given opportunity to hear about what our Sixth Form can offer and external applicants have the chance to talk to subject teachers about the course they offer and what is required (November)

Y11 One to One meetings with Giselle Douglas:

Giselle will sit with students, and parents if requested, to discuss all options available post-16 including sixth form, college and apprenticeships (available all year round – please book when required)

When students are deciding on their options it is important they consider the entry requirements for various courses. The image below gives you an idea of entry requirements for various types of courses. However, this is only an illustration and we would advise you to contact the course/training provider for the most accurate and up to date information:

We appreciate that post-16 choices are a big decision. What is important is that students take their time and do plenty of research. We are always happy to discuss options with students and parents in Careers. Speak to any of the team if you want to find out more.
In order to help manage you or your son/daughter through this process we suggest you use the following checklist:

✓ Researched the differences between Sixth Form, College and Apprenticeships
✓ Attended Sixth Form and College Open Days
✓ Considered a wide variety of apprenticeships
✓ Discussed regularly with parents/carers
✓ Considered where you want your post-16 choice to lead to
✓ Considered entry requirements for first choice and your backup choice
✓ Met with a Careers Advisor
✓ Considered your own specific learning style

One last key aspect which we want you to consider is what your course is going to offer you in the future. Think about the following questions:

  • What qualification will this course give me?
  • What future courses and/or jobs will that course allow me to start?
  • How will my choices restrict me in terms of what I can do after completion?
  • What opportunities will this course provide for me following completion?
  • What skills will I develop whilst studying this course?

There are specific considerations you should bear in mind if you have certain intended pathways. For example if you are looking to do an apprenticeship – research the qualification on offer and ensure it gives you as many options as possible, or if you are looking at sixth form courses research what degree courses require what A-levels.

Options at 18+

Any questions about careers, university or generally about your future don't hesitate to contact Mr Howell or Mr Glover.

Thinking of going to university?

As a School Sixth Form we apply to University via the APPLY System linked to the UCAS Website.

There are many universities with a wide variety of courses, the best solution to help you to decided is to look at the UCAS Website which contains a list of all universities and courses to fit your needs.

To assist with University Applications, opportunity will be given to Year 12 students to take part in the Higher Education Week. This will take place  during the week commencing 8th July 2019.

Important dates for your diary:

  • 15 January 2019 - deadline for UCAS applications
  •  May 2019 - If UCAS application made before 15 January 2019, you can expect a final decision from one of your choices
  • 30 June 2019 - Last date when UCAS will accept changes to your online application form
  • July 2019 - If you applied between 16 January and 30 June you can expect a final decision from one of your choices.
  • Open Days at University
    Prior to making a university choice it is essential that students attend the open day. Before attending please complete the pro forma in Careers and pass onto your PT. Look at Open Days Website for up to date information on University Open days across the UK by institution or date order.

Useful Links

Visit for subject specific personal statements.

Want to go abroad to University?

Some students today go to study abroad rather than staying in England. For more information on this visit the Study Overseas website or the International Education for studying abroad website.

What other options do I have?

University isn't for everyone and many people get a full time job. For information on getting into full time employment visit our links page.

We will also be hosting an Employability Skills Week during week commencing 8th July 2019. There will be input from business professionals, including Mid-Counties Co-op and Army.

You could also take a rest from school work and take a year out, for more information on this then visit the Year out guide website.

A number of companies contact the School to offer career opportunities for our Sixth Forms leavers. See Mr Howell or Mr Glover for more information.

Also more students are also applying for Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships through the National Apprenticeship website.

Understanding fees, loans and grants for university

Student Finance England offer a range of support to help cover tuition fees and living costs, your two main expenses while at university or college.

The range of financial support available depends on your circumstances, your course and where you study. The main types of finance are Tuition Fee Loans and Maintenance Loans (which have to be paid back) as well as grants and bursaries (which don't). The good news is most students won't have to pay anything up front.

The best way to apply for this support is online. It's quick, easy and can be done at

Extra support is also available for those with special circumstances, for instance if you have children or adult dependants, a disability, mental-health condition or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

Repayments only start when you have left university and earn over a set amount and what you repay will depend on what you earn, not what you owe.

So make sure you do your homework and find out about student finance - everything you need to know is available on or follow Student Finance England on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube for regular updates.

A simple guide to applying for Student Finance is available from the Careers Department for all Year 13 students who have submitted their UCAS applications.  DO NOT DELAY in applying for student finance!

Once you have registered online with Student Finance England and are ready to start your application, remember to have the following documents to hand:

  • Passport (if you have one)
  • University and course details (don’t worry: these can be changed at a later date if necessary!)
  • Bank details
  • National Insurance Number
  • Your parent’s details, including their National Insurance Number and household income information

The online application process is interactive and responsive to the information you submit, so your experience of completing the online forms may be different to that of your friends.  Applications should be submitted no later than 31 May 2019.

You may also find the following sites useful:

Fundraising Resources
Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

For Year 13 students that have applied to University there will be a HE Finance Evening in 6 March 2019

Careers News

Medicine and Dentistry - Students applying to study at university need to register with UKCAT.

Law - Year 13 students thinking about applying to Universities to study law need to be reminded that 8 leading Universities are holding law degree admissions tests for entry 2019. Click here for more information.

Year 12 HE Week - This will take place from 8th July - 12 July 2019 and will include a visits to Nottingham, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton and Aston Universities.

Employability Skills Week - For students considering apprenticeships as a post 18 option.

Medicine or Veterinary Medicine - Year 12 students thinking of applying for medicine or veterinary medicine degrees. Visit the website for more information on BMAT tests.

Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy, Criminal Law, Forensics, Nursing and Medicine degrees - Year 11 or Year 12 students interested in any of these subjects, contact Mr Howell for exciting conference opportunities.

Other Information

Open Days at University - Before attending please complete the pro forma in Careers and pass onto your PT. Look at Open Days Website for up to date information on University Open Days across the UK by institution or date order.

National Apprenticeship - For all the apprenticeship vacancies in the region Click Here.

Careers Links

Uni Stats - Brand new information for 2018 based on National Student Satisfaction Survey.

UCAS website - Information on Universities and applying for them

Student loans - Student loan company.

Fundraising for students - Links to fundraising resources.

Map of UK Universities - Map of Universities in the UK, providing links to each one.

National Apprenticeship Service - For all the apprenticeship vacancies in the region.

At Walsall Academy we are committed to giving our students the opportunity to hear from a range of providers including apprenticeship training, universities, colleges and sixth form. Because of that we have made available a provider access policy that details the processes that providers can go through to take up the opportunity to speak to our students.

Please see our Termly Careers Programme for 2019/2020.

If there are any queries about this please do not hesitate to email Gareth Howell ( or Andrew Glover (